THE VILLAGE VOICE: “Becks” Is an Understated Musical About Arrested Development

With Becks, directors Elizabeth Rohrbaugh and Daniel Powell have crafted an understated musical that really works, thanks to Alyssa Robbins’s heartfelt music and standout performances from the cast. Brooklyn singer-songwriter Becks (Lena Hall) has everything she wants: a moderately successful music career, a cute girlfriend, and a move to Los Angeles on the horizon. But after a brutal betrayal, she loses everything and moves back into her mom’s house in St. Louis, where her room remains unchanged from her teen years.

Becks, played with a devil-may-care slacker attitude by Broadway vet Hall, is the type of thirtysomething who leaps before she looks, which clashes with the very mindful lifestyle her pious mother (Christine Lahti) has crafted since her children left home. As Becks seeks refuge outside the house...

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