LA Film Festival Review: Becks is a refreshing take on post breakup stories

Relationships may plummet but losing the one with the self can be the most devastating, especially after the destruction from a break up.   The heartfelt ‘Becks’ made its premiere on June 15 at the LA Film Festival as an entry in the US Fiction competition.

Although it may have a plot similar to many of the those other “rebuilding oneself” stories, the rawness in the details, such as her inside out t-shirt she wears during her at-home sulk, the cunning one-liners she shares between her brother and ex-boyfriend (Dan Folger) and the strong relationship development that takes place, truly make it a joy to watch.

“Becks” speaks to anyone following the painful suits of a break up, whether that be romantic, plutonic or even a relationship that has gone astray within a family, especially through the reminiscent details such as gardening, fixing leaky faucets and binge-watching “junk” TV or anything that could keep the mind busy to curb the aching...

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